You may or may not be familiar with the practice of meditation.

You may have heard about it and been put off with all the rules and regulations surrounding meditations

You may think meditating is for those special spiritual folks, and enlightened ones

You might think it involves sitting atop a mountain for hours on end waiting for the hand of god to reach down and grab you.

Lets get real about this for a minute, truth is anyone can meditate, you don’t need to be enlightened or spiritual. Nor do you need to climb mountains.

I like to keep things simple, and I will do my best to tell you of my personal journey and how I have learnt to meditate,

yes you did read that right, meditation is something you have to learn.

Like any new skill it takes practice, I mean you can’t decide that you want to play the piano one day and then the next be playing alongside the philharmonic orchestra , you need to learn, go on the journey, read, take advice and practice, meditation is no different.

You will often hear that you have to sit in special yoga poses or control your breathing, for me this did not work, I for the most part lie on my bed to meditate as this is how I feel the most relaxed, but meditations don’t have to be limited to lying down or sitting, it can also be done while walking somewhere that you find peaceful, or your happy place.

When I first started I tried to try to control my breathing but I nearly passed out lol, so my advice is just to breathe as you normally would, until such time when you want to tackle more complex meditations such as “breathing meditation” where you focus on your breathing.

Keep things as simple as you can to start.

I was one of the people who used to say that meditation was not for me, as I can’t sit still, I can’t still my mind and think of nothing.

Fact is stilling your mind and thinking of nothing is a really hard thing to do, I have not even begun to try this type of meditation yet, as I believe you have to walk before you can run, even though my thirst for knowledge and new skills makes me want to try everything like yesterday.

As for sitting still after the first few goes I found this surprisingly easy to do.

There are loads of meditations that you can choose from, I started with something really simple.

I started with a guided meditation, the one I found the best for me was this one from Kevin Reed.

Click here to listen to Kevin Reed’s amazing meditation

It’s no nonsense and easy to follow, plus its relatively short.

I recommend keeping your sessions short to start with, 30 mins was my limit.

Once I got a handle on this type of meditation I moved onto Self Directed meditations.

This is where the fun stuff began for me, while I still began each session with my guided meditation to relax I would move on to self directed meditations

With this type or meditation I just allowed my mind to take me where it wanted, I have had such fun in these meditations and experienced some mind blowing sensations that have had me questioning my sanity, I guess I am lucky as I have a awesome teacher who has helped me tremendously along my journey, he has reassured me I am not completely insane.

I then moved on to meditations where I would set the intention of where I wanted to go, and what I wanted to achieve from the session, if was simply a relaxation or guidance from spirit then that’s the intention I set before starting.

What is setting the intention?, for me it was simply stating verbally and in my mind, what I wanted before starting the session, this may not be the way that others do it, but that’s the way I did it, as that is what worked for me

I think the most important thing to remember is that this is your time, you are the chairman, the director and creator of your own meditations.

Through this journey I have learned that it is a really amazing form of self care, and has become my go to solution for most issues I face in day to day life and even just a great way to wind down.

Do things your way, and do what works for you as one size truly does not fit all

Happy meditating folks.

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