Hi, my name Is Andy and I am a fun person with an open mind and a smiling heart.
I was born sensitive to energy and at an early age seemed to know what people were doing and why, before they even did.
I love dream interpretation, it is all about our mind, our fears and desires. I love Tarot and am very good at it. I love people and I would love you to contact me.
Have a great day


Yes, I read Tarot cards. I can tell you what’s around you, what to be aware of and what unfolds!


We all have Dreams and I can tell you what they mean and what to do about it!


Contact me: be it a personal reading; online, face-to-face, or just to ask a question. I am here to help!

Customer Review

Alison Jeavons

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Andy to anyone who wants a psychic and intuitive ready yet paradoxically authentic and down-to-earth. Her ability to tune in even before you’ve even decided you’re on the way to her, is only one facet of her multi dimensional talent. Brilliant.

Naomi Readman

Had a wonderful reading today with this lovely lady. Andy you are amazing. Made me feel relaxed and at ease. My reading was brilliant very spot on and just what I needed. 1000% recommend anyone wanting a reading to book with Andy.

Jessica Flannagan

I didn’t believe in tarot until I went to see this amazing lady, I love how real you are, everything you said was spot on and has changed the way I think. I recommend Andy to anyone who needs total honesty. Love and Light.